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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Texthook Review & Giveaway! (ends 05MAY11)

I love gadgets and this looks like something I need for my variety of gadgets. I am constantly looking for something to attach my iPod Touch, (I don't use cell phones; nothing ruins a wilderness ride like a ringing cell phone), to the handlebars of my mountain bike when I go riding. I have tried a variety of things - usually stuff they sell to hold your cell phone to your dashboard - to do this and haven't been really successful. I, usually, end up with my Touch in my pocket or leaving it behind. [I tried those things for attaching iPods to your arm - they don't work.]

But, the Texthook looks like it would solve my problem!

I have to wonder, would it work on the handlebars of my ATV????

Too big it isn't big enough to hold my iPad to my treadmill or elliptical trainer...

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