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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Military Grade Laptop Case




{Ends 06JUN11}

I have been a Mac user since the very beginning. I was with Jobs & Wozniack when they were building the first Mac in their garage... Wait, that was the Apple II...

Recently, I have found myself between computers, so to speak. I have three running right now, but only one is fully functional. My beloved 15" MacBook Pro is suffering symptoms of having been hauled all over the state, on good roads and bad, in a case that did not have much padding. So, I had to consider a replacement. At this time, I really couldn't afford to buy the 13.3inch MacBook Air I wanted, so I am making do with a HP something or the other with a 17 inch LCD. [For those of you who are techies; it is oblong, brown and has a really funky keyboard.]

I like the 17 inch LCD, but it makes for a very large package. Think of those trays you used to eat off of in elementary school. Yeah, that's what I am talking about.

But, anyway to get back to the subject... I just received a really nice STM laptop bag, for a 15" laptop. The HP is about two inches too long for this bag. So, I need another laptop bag and I was thinking... you guessed it: Military Tech MT-15 Laptop Case. (well, actually, I was thinking of the MT-17, but you get the idea...)

It looks like it would outlast this computer, and it has all sorts of pockets for my camera stuff and beef jerky... So...

You guy's know what to do, right? Give it to ME.

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