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Saturday, July 30, 2011


The giveaways in the Kraft Outstanding... are being run on different websites.

The interface for entering the Kraft giveaway is different on different web sites. Some are Rafflecopter. Some are the 'ordinary' entries.

This inconsistency is confusing.

It would help if the sites offering the sane giveaway use the same interface. (Hopefully, not Rafflecopter.)

mtdoonmeister at gmail dot com

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  1. I happened to run across this post and as a review blogger who ran this Kraft giveaway as well I wanted to explain. Rafflecopter is a relatively new platform for running contests. You have to be invited to use it or apply may have to wait a few weeks to use it. I refuse to use it personally, mostly because you have no control over the start and stop of the contest which I feel is ridiculous. That being said, many bloggers and entrants love Rafflecopter.

    Kraft approached each blogger asking them to run a giveaway. It is up to the blogger to decided how they would like to run it as they have full control over their own blog. Kraft doesn't get to decide and most bloggers don't appreciate being told exactly how they have to hold a giveaway, which is very time consuming by the way.

    I hope this clears up any confusion about why on any contest you see on multiple blogs, you won't see the exact same interface or extra entry options. Each blogger decides that for themselves.