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Saturday, July 2, 2011

iPod Touch

I don't usually post about commercial sweeps, unless I am asked. But... In this situation, I am going to make an exception...

 is giving away an iPod Touch a day

You should check it out!

I Won a New 4th generation iPod Touch Last Week!!!

I received a 1st generation iPod Touch as a gift - long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away. I loved it.

After three years the battery died. It would have been as expensive to replace the battery as it was to buy a new iPod Touch.

Fortunately, the iPad came along and I shifted what I was doing on the iPod Touch to the iPad.

But, wow! The new iPod Touch is a very cool device. Much more so than my first generation iPod Touch.

New Features:

-Back & Front facing cameras that produce stills and video
-Retina display. Highest resolution display I have ever seen, on any device.
-Much slimmer than the original
-Multi-tasking allowing more than one app to be used at one time.

So, go to Zagg and check out the iPod Touch-a-day contest.

While you are there, check out their selection of screen covers, (I have one on the iPad), and device cases....

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