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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

An Introduction, Better Late Than Never...

In most of the blogs I follow, bloggers introduce themselves. I am pretty protective of my privacy, but here goes…

I live in the Northern Rocky Mountains. I've lived here for awhile and I lOVE IT!! I can't imagine living anywhere else - well, okay, except maybe living subsistence up on the Yukon River in Alaska.

I am not, currently, married. I have no children. There are two golden retrievers that allow me to live with them; feed them; cater to their every whim; and allow them to shed in the house, my pickup and anywhere else we go. I am the biggest fan of Dyson vacuum cleaners in the known world.

My primary hobby is photography. I am 100% digital, but I miss Ilford 50 and 1000 ASA B&W film. I like to go 'ghosting' - going to ghost towns to take pictures.

Oh, and I, also, sweep.

Here's the bad part. The part where everybody learns I am not in their target demographic. I am somewhat older, (okay, a lot older), than the demographic and, obviously, male.

After reading some of the blogs for awhile, I am continuously amazed at how much you genuinely love your kids. Things didn't work that way when I was growing up.

I am not sure what I am going to do with this blog, other than post other people's giveaways. I think about increasing traffic and seeing where that leads...

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