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Monday, May 30, 2011

1,000 emails...

Yesterday, I got an email from someone whom I won a prize, but hadn't received.

I have always assumed running a blog was a couple of emails a day and a lot of reading posts, (I always try to put something humorous in my posts, in the hopes it will lighten the load).

She informed me that she gets 1,000 emails a day. One thousand. That's amazing.

On my best day, I sort through 75-100 emails I receive at my sweeps address. My regular email account yields another thirty emails to go through.

I read everything that hits my sweeps  email box relating to sweeps. Well, I, at least, skim all of them.

I pay more attention to the emails that come to my regular email account.

I have this friend who sends me funny emails. Which I have to read, because she is going to want to talk about them the next time we are together. I use a Mac, so a lot of the stuff she sends can't be read without starting a Windows machine. [ I have access to both OS's].

Besides, she was the person who brought "Harlie - America's Wonder Dog" - to me, so I owe her.

That's the hardest decision I have to make -- all day...

Except for deciding to use Safari or Firefox... [Usually, Safari,  I don't like Firefox]

Any how, I am really impressed that anyone can process 1,000 emails a day...

My intent is to quickly go through the emails and weed out the relevant ones to pay real attention to...

But, 1,000 emails?

And that, probably, is in addition to the time necessary to deal with sponsors; kids; and real life.

I am constantly amazed at the work bloggers put in. This really put things in perspective...

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