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Saturday, July 30, 2011

I almost bought an iPhone yesterday...

Around here, "just over the hill" means, at least, 100 miles one way. Some of those miles are on barely paved secondary roads, (no matter how bad the road is, the speed limit is always 70 MPH - ye ha! Put it in 4WD and resume driving like you are immortal.)

Some times, unexpected things happen. I was heading down to Colorado for a visit. I wasn't paying attention, so I missed the I25 on ramp at Buffalo, WY and ended up in Gillete, Wyoming, on the border between Wyoming and South Dakota. I looked at the map and realized I would just about double my mileage, if I went back the way I came. So, I inquired of a friendly looking guy the fastest way to get to get back to I25.

He pointed out a road that look marginal, at best. Unconcerned, I headed out. I would enjoy an adventure. About two hours later, I realized I was pretty much out there where the deer and antelope play and nothing else. No people, no houses, no nothing.  I did, eventually, get to Colorado, though my arrival was late.

I had a cell phone. I didn't use it-there no cell towers in most of the ground I covered-so I couldn't have used it if I had wanted to.

Then it hit me. I am paying $60/month to Verizon wireless for a phone I used maybe twice a month. So, I ditched the phone as soon as I could. I would like to say I haven't had a cell phone since then, but I succumbed to the siren song of the Motorola Razr and had one for about 2 years.

Driving home yesterday-again out in the middle of nowhere, I was thinking I should get another cell phone. You know, safety and all that jazz.

As an Apple fan, I considered buying an iPhone. Then I realized the real expense of having a smart phone is the monthly charge. For a smart phone, around her, the minimum monthly cost is $80. I didn't want to afford it. Moreover, I would hardly ever use the thing - it's not that I never get lost. I do. But, do I really want to pay the bill all year for the 2 months during the summer that I can be outside where I could use it? I try to drive my ATV as much as I can in the summer. It gets a lot better mileage than my truck. And I don't even carry my wallet with me, while I ride in the backcountry. So, it wouldn't do me any good.

I guess I could sit on a rock and play Tetris until someone found me, or my battery died.

Apple, you missed a sale-not for the cost of the device-but because of the service fee. Besides, I just won an iPod Touch on Zagg's iPod Touch a day contest.It does just about everything a iPhone does, (the iPod Touch can be used as a phone with VoIP). Except it doesn't cost me $80 a month...

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