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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My Impression of Rafflecopter

This looks like I spend all my time complaining. I am not. Although, I am getting really frustrated with RC.

This is based on my using an Apple MacBook Pro 13.3 in.; i5 processor;  4GB of SDRAM; and  MacOS X version 10.6.7.

I, also, use a HP laptop running Windows 7.  And another MacBook Pro and an iMac. (So, obviously, I am having trouble with the issue of cookies).

The interface is slowww, even over a 3MB DSL line.

The 'mandatory' entry concept is kind of fuzzy. I have never seen a RC form that says what the 'mandatory entry' is. It would be helpful to know whether missing any of the entries will disqualify you in that particular giveaway.

Requiring that you go through 10+ entries, like them all and then go to a link off the page you just did and you have to do it all again.

If there are broken links and/or the host computer for the link is unable to complete the contest requirements, you are out of that blog entry for reasons you can't control.

Links in Rafflecopter are, frequently, broken. You can't do the usual things - like look for the information the link requires on the blogger's home page because RC will only take input from itself, not the real link...

A sweep is frequently configured to require you to enter sweeps that you have no interest in. Sweeps that you would not have entered, if you had not used Rafflecopter. I want to pick the sweeps I enter. I have a limited amount of time to sweep in. I choose to enter prizes I want to win. Most of the time that is nothing below $100 in cash/gift cards and/or nothing that has an ARV of less than $100 - except when I really want the prize.

Entering sweeps is sloooow. You have to do things multiple times - make a post on another blog and then go back and tell rafflecopter you did it. I takes me no more than a couple minutes to do this with the 'old' interface and up to 10-15 minutes with rafflecopter.

If your battery goes dead and your machine hibernates - you loose all the  entries that you just spent an hour doing. And you are not only going to have to re-do this blog, but all the blogs that link to it..

If you inadvertently hit 'return' when you are trying to hit the apostrophe key, it closes the entry form and locks you out. No going back and fixing your wrong entry. If it is the mandatory entry, you are out of the sweep. (In the comments section, if you hit 'enter' by accident, you don't get locked out of the sweep).

I avoid entering any contest that uses the Rafflecopter interface. Frequently, it doubles the time it takes to complete all the entries required for sweeps without RaffleCopter.

I don't even read the information about the sponsors if the post is using RaffleCopter. I can't talk in a positive manner about the blogger/sponsor, because I have no idea what they are trying to advertise. I can't buy their products, because Rafflecopter is so frustrating  that it causes me to bypass their sites.

They need to publish information about their 'randomizer.' There is no way of telling if it is really random, if they don't explain how it works.

The Rafflecopter expects you to use Chrome. If not Chrome then FireFox, et cetera. I didn't know this until I went to their FaceBook page and read all the comments.

I use Safari, because it integrates well with my computer. Safari doesn't crash as often than other products. Apparently, Rafflecopter isn't designed to use on anything, but Chrome. They say they are working on this. If this is true, why did they release it to the 'wild' to be tested without telling anyone?


On some pages, RaffleCopter changes entries from 'Done' back to the green button 'I did this'; when you scroll up and down. When you go back to the page after finishing all the entries, Rafflecopter turns 'Done' entries back to 'I did this'. If you do those entries, again, it produces duplicate entries and it appears you might be cheating.


It did it again. Turned approximately half of my 'done' entries back to 'I did this'...

Update: A Rafflecopter error message:

Oh noes, it messed up. Plz try again :(

No one at Rafflecopter can spell? Or is this supposed to be cute?


I was going through a long Rafflecopter entry, (about fifty websites to like, follow, tweet, etc), and needed a break so I went to another page. When I came back, Rafflecopter had changed the order of the entries on the page - and changed some of my entires from 'done' back to 'I did thins'. 

I re-entered everything. Then I left the page and closed the window. When I opened the window, again, it had re-ordered the entries, again, (in a different order) and had, once again changed some of my 'done' entries to 'I did this.'

In the original post, the blogger said it would take no more than 9.5 minutes to do the entries, (I realize the number was a joke). When I hit 37 minutes and still hadn't been able to fill the form out, I left the page and won't go back.

(One of the bloggers went into the Rafflecopter widget and 'fixed' it and removed my duplicate entries. I appreciate that and want to thank the blogger.)


Can't use in on more than computer. Apparently, it works on cookies that say your've done the 'mandatory' entry and allows you to move on to the rest of the entries.

Depending on where I am, I use four computers - Two MacBook Pros, an iMac and a HP laptop running Windows 7. The concept that I would have to do the mandatory entries over again and label them, "Don't count," seems a little odd. I am not sure how that 'saves' me time.


There is no place to put your Following You On Google Friend Connect 'as _____.' I asked one blogger and was told to either put it into the 'more information' space on the individual entries or just post it to the comments section. Of course, by that time, I had done, at least, 10 entries in that one sweep. And about 100 in others. I posted my 'following as____' info in the comments. I am not sure how she will match up what I entered in the comments and my GFC entries in RC.

RC prevents getting additional entries by reading and commenting on non-giveaway posts. If you only get one point for entering other giveaways and commenting on non-giveaway posts, there is no motivation to do any of this. Doesn't this cut down on page hits? I frequently will comment on 10+ non-giveaway posts. There is no benefit for me to do this with Rafflecopter.

In the RC giveaways I've entered gives, at most, 3 extra entries for blogging about a giveaway on my blog. Usually, blogging a giveaway is only worth one extra entry. Same with posting a blogger's button on my blog. I have 'x' amount of time. I decide whether to do a blog post by doing a cost-benefit analysis - if I get 5 or more extra entries, I will post to my blog. If I get 3 or 4, I have to decide if it is worth it.

I just filed out a long list of 'Likes' and email subscriptions. I couldn't complete the whole list because the link in the last one didn't lead to an email subscription form...


Just completed about half the 'mandatory' entries on another blog, before I came upon two entries that didn't work. (one 404, file not found; and another one that refused to acknowledge that I was following the blogger on Twitter.)

Since liking, etc ALL the websites was mandatory, I am out of that giveaway. Through no fault of my own.

This happens frequently...

I could go on. This is just one man's impression.

I think this interface could be great - if they find a way to duplicate the experience that you get from the older manner in RC.

P.S.: Let's just say, it doesn't work on iPads very well...

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