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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Today wordless Wednesday takes back the to the mid 19th Century.

Silver Mine Shed by MTGrizzly
Silver Mine Shed, a photo by MTGrizzly on Flickr Granite Ghost Townr,

Silver was first discovered in the area around Granite 1865. The Granite mine, "Ruby Shaft," was developed in 1872. During the course of silver mining at Granite, $40 million dollars worth of silver was removed, making it the "richest silver mine on earth." The mine was closed after the silver panic of 1893.
The site pictured is the east end of what remains of two massive buildings that covered the face of these rock walls and contained 70 stamp mills that crushed ore from the Ruby shaft. After crushing, the ore was sent down the hill for the silver to be separated from the base metal by amalgamation with mercury. (The silver mine was a deadly place, mercury is a poison which caused a long, miserable way to die.) The stamp mills worked six days a week at the height of production.These ruins and the ruins of the mining operation are located 4 miles north of Philipsburg, Montana.
Granite was a company town, built by the company that exploited the silver.
If you plan on a visit to Granite Ghost Town, the road up the hill is not passable for passenger cars. In the winter, early spring and late fall, there will be snow on the mountain.

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