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Thursday, August 11, 2011

More Observations on Rafflecopter...

Duplicate Entries:

I have just entered a gjveaway that is being offered on several sites. "Entry" via RC means you have to click through a long list of links to other pages, do something - like, GFC, Follow, etc.

Then, when you go on to the next site you have to click through all the same ones, again.

Can't someone at Rafflecopter figure out how to write/use a relational database? Something I could do 2 weeks after I got my first computer. This is not rocket science...

But, you say...

If we did that, no one would come to our pages!

First, doing a whole long list of 'likes'; 'follows", GFC, etc on multiple sites doesn't really make the people you are trying to appeal to that happy. When I just spent 20 minutes doing "likes", etc on one page and the next page I go to wants me to do it all over again, I am more likely than not going to take a pass on the second page. This means less hits for you and your sponsors...

Besides, RC entries don't require you to actually 'read' anything on the blogger's and/or sponsor's pages. You click on a button in RC, it presents the requirements and you do them. Requiring multiple clicks on more than one page doesn't mean anyone will look further than what they have to do the required entry.

If you are supposed to subscribe to a sites email feed, you are taken to a FeedBurner form that completely bypasses both the blogger's and sponsor's site. The only thing that requires you to look around any site is to find GFC forms.

I don't see the above as being good for anyone, except perhaps RC.

You dont' have to read the page to complete the Rafflecopter entry form

I can complete the entire RC form without ever reading the blogger's page. 

The only exception to that is giveaways that require you to go to a sponsor's page and tell them something about it. And the longer RC goes on, sites that  require this seem to be fewer and fewer.

Otherwise, all I have to do is start at the top of the RC form and do whatever it says - 'like', 'follow', 'GFC', etc. It tells me, and leads me, to everything I have to do. It makes all my choices for me. I don't have to look around the blogger's page or the sponsor's page and do anything. It cuts out me going to FaceBook pages and clicking on 'like' on the page, (because Rafflecopter gives you a remote 'like' button, you don't even have to do the bloggers/sponsors Facebook pages. I don't even have to go to Twitter to follow people.)

This makes everything on the bloggers promotion page completely unnecessary. You don't have to look at it, much less read it. All you have to do is click links in the RC form and you are gone.

I can read the prize description on OLS and then go to the blogger's page and fill out the RC form. Without ever reading anything...

I kind of liked the old way, but I can't stop 'progress'. I guess. To be progress, though, doesn't it have to be an actual improvement over the old way?

Google Friend Connect

Google Friend Connect has always required that you identify the name you are using to following GFC. There is no space and/or requirement in RC that you put "Following as:____". So, how can the blogger connect the name on their form with the name you use to follow GFC?

If RC is able to build in a database that connects posting names to GFC entries, (without the 'following as _____) then they should be able to build a form that keeps track of what you have done in the past. 

Click throughs, click throughs, click throughs...

When a Rafflecopter form tells you to enter another giveaway on a different site, it starts a long line of click throughs...

First, you select the 'enter other giveaways'.

Then you go to the page and try to complete the form, but it requires you to go to another giveaway and enter it...

And, so on and so on.

Since a vast majority of RC drawings don't have, or don't identify, 'required entries' you have to do everything. Everything.

Once I get about three giveaways deep into this, I finally give up. Does that mean I lost the entries on all the RC forms that succeeded the form I gave up?

How can it do anything but produce animus when you have to sign up for additional giveaways that you don't want to? 

I understand this a way to drive page hits, (while RC, it seems to impedes page hits). But, there has to be a better way than forcing you to go three or four deep entering contests you don't want to...

I understand bloggers need hits/views to show how busy there are, etc.

Bloggers should also recognize that I have a finite amount of time to sweep in. And I don't want to spend it entering giveaways that don't interest me


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I always love to here both sides of the coin. That is because I'm a Libra.

  2. Hi there! I just read your post and I can guess that you are talking about the "Giveaway Train" for the $100 Amazon prize right? I'm actually one of the bloggers. There are usually one 1 or 2 mandatory entries. For instance, this week all you had to do was like the giveaway train and AutismUnited on FB. All the "Enter this giveaway here" entries are optional, so if you're not interested in one, go on to the next...or don't do it at all. Same thing for the FB can do as many or as little as you like.

  3. Oh, one more thing. There is a way to tell if there is a mandatory entry or not. If you notice that some entries are grayed out..those are optional. The mandatory entries are always the top entry or two, and the text is visibly darker.

  4. I've noticed a problem with tweeting using rafflecopter.

    First of all I DO understand that the problem is not rafflecopter.

    I wrote to twitter @support to tell them of the problem. This problem never happened until they forced me to switch to the new twitter.

    The problem is that when a rafflecopter entry has a tweet button, I right-click my mouse on it, and open it in a new tab(I use firefox, but I doubt that the browser is the problem). The tweet text appears in the box, and I click on the tweet button. After it has successfully
    submitted, we then see 'View it on Twitter' - I right-click and copy that url and paste it
    into the rafflecopter entry Extra Info box. Easy enough. Unfortunately, if
    one double-clicks on the 'View
    it on Twitter' one often sees a prior tweet, not the current tweet. This is due to new twitter being so slow, that the 'View
    it on Twitter' url is the one they grabbed from what they think is our last tweet.

    This means that most of the blogs that I tweet for an entry for, I'm pasting in the wrong tweet URL.

    I am hoping that you, and all the blogs that use rafflecopter can put
    some pressure on twitter to bring the old twitter back, or fix the delay
    problem with the new twitter.


  5. Js22-

    You click on a Tweet button it brings up the blue box and you click the button to tweet. After it tweets, the link that says, 'View on Twitter' appears.

    I don't click on 'View it on Twitter' link. I let the pane close.

    Then I go to my 'Twitter' tab on my browser and open Twitter. I find the Tweet and then view it. I take the URL from there.