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Friday, August 19, 2011

Aloha Friday

This comes from Keeping Up with the Rheinlanders.

One question...

Have you ever been on TV?

Long, long ago in galaxy, far, far away (San Francisco), I was in a really bad made for TV movie entitled "Killer Onboard." The story was of a mysterious, but fatal, illness that had struck the passengers of a cruise ship while at sea. (Long before the advent of the Norovirus which now plagues cruise ships. Which is good, because Noroviruses would have refused to be associated with this movie). 

The title does not do justice to the wreck that was this movie.

The movie 'starred' Patty Duke, who was married to John Aston, (The Adams Family - the original series, not the two movies of that title). (Ms. Duke starred in a comedy sitcom, "The Patty Duke Show," where she played both of a pair of twin sisters. It was hilarious... :-P It aired from 1963-1966. I watched it in first run. Which makes me significantly older than I want to be). Mr. Aston was there, hanging around, but he wasn't in the movie. 

I imagine Ms. Duke tried as hard as possible to dissociate herself from this turkey. Any sane person would have.

I was working in EMS in San Francisco at the time. The people making the movie rented the entire fleet of ambulances from the company I was working for. The ambulances were parked inside a pier building on the SF waterfront, supposedly after the ship docked. We turned the emergency lights on and just sort of walked around aimlessly - literally - as the credits rolled.

We were supposed to make $30 for this deal, but the guy I worked for kept $20 and each of us got a $10 bill.

The highlight: Even though I had seen the Patty Duke Show I didn't recognize her. Before our appearances, we had to stand in a line onboard the ship - for a long time. Ms. Duke-Aston was sitting in a deck chair right at the point where I was in line. Like I said, I didn't recognize her. So, I tried to pick her up. Understandably she declined the opportunity to spend the day at the beach with me.

The other highlight: I was on camera for about 2 seconds and, hopefully, no one could actually identify that person wandering aimlessly around a building as me...

Oh, and food prepared for the cast, crew and extras was outstanding...

I was, also, in the movie Bronco Billy that starred Clint Eastwood; his flame, Sondra Locke; and Scatman Cruthers. (Cruthers ate breakfast in a restaurant in front of our ambulance station, I worked for Ada County EMS in Boise, ID at the time). We frequently had breakfast with him during the making of the film.

Fortunately, I am even less recognizable in this film as I am sitting in an ambulance and all you can see is my head.

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  1. I have to close the bathroom door or I am surrounded by dogs who think they have my undivided attention! The people in my home are more polite than they are and wait their turn!