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Monday, August 29, 2011

More on Rafflecopter

Rafflecopter has, to some degree, matured. It is more stable and only about 1 or 2 fields of each rc entry form malfunction.

However, the issue is, increasingly, the number of entries received in rc giveaways. 

I was just at a sweep that has, 3 days before the end of the sweep, 47,000+ entries. 

I've seen sweeps with 80,000+ entries.

I imagine, (as I have seen), that makes bloggers happy. I am not sure, exactly, why these sweeps draw more entries – or if they do. rc aggregates and announces a 'total,' but I am not sure what these 'totals' represent. More unique entries? Or people who enter more? (Many rc sweeps have 20 or more initial "entries." This seems to be more than on regular sweeps, but who knows.)

Numbers like this are a little better than commercial sweeps. At least, the short term commercials...

What is boils down to is the chances of winning are reduced to the point where they are almost negligible. 

As I have said before, I have 'x' amount of time to sweep. rc forms, generally, take more time to complete. They are, frequently, spread across more than one blog. They offer extremely long odds. 

So, given a choice, I am going to choose sweeps that don't require a great deal of time and offer a reasonable chance to win.


I have, effectively, stopped entering rc sweeps. The last rc sweep I tried to enter had, in the first 10-15 entries 5 sites that had absent or broken GFC widgets and several broken links. I tried entering this sweep for over an hour. The time was mostly wasted, because I only managed to complete about 30% of the entries. The rest just burned time as I tried to complete entries that were impossible to complete because of problems with GFC and others.

It seems more rc sweeps have 20+ entries, involving GFC'ing , liking on FB and following on Twitter, etc. There are very few rc sweeps that deal with one blogger's site or a simple giveaway by one blogger.

When I see a rc sweep with 20+ entries to complete and 40,000+ entries, I take a pass and don't enter. I am sure, with 40,000+ entries, most bloggers don't care if one person takes a pass.

Another thing I don't get are sweeps that offer money as the prizes and attract tens of thousands of entries - effectively making the chances of winning very, very small. While sweeps with non-money giveaways that are worth the same amount or more as money prizes get less than a 500-1,000 entries. This doesn't make sense to me...

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