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Monday, September 26, 2011

Mac AND PC - How they Handle Rafflecopter...

Okay, so this post is a little techie...

Do you own a MacBook Pro running either MacOS X v10.6.x v or 10.7.x, with a Second Generation Sandy Bridge pocessor - Intel i5 or i7 - with a minimum of 4GB RAM? Do you use it to enter sweeps, particularly Rafflecopter sweeps?

Do you own a  PC notebook with  Windows 7 and a Second Generation Sandy Bridge processor - Intel i3; i5; or i7 - with a minimum of 4GB of RAM?  Do you use it to enter sweeps, particularly Rafflecopter sweeps?

I usually use a MacBook Pro, (MBP), to enter sweeps. (I have used Macs since they were first released and I am a user of just about all things Apple - an iMac; two MBPs; iPad*; two iPod Touches*; and three various types of  iPods.). When I enter Rafflecopter sweeps, loading the rc form on my MBP is so slow it is like someone poured mud into it. I spend a lot of time looking at the beach ball spinning, waiting for it to load. Some rc forms never load. I have a noticed that a fair amount of links in rc don't work, at all.

The other day, on a whim, I used a HP Pavilion g7 with an i3 processor to enter some rc sweeps. The rc widget loaded notably faster on the PC than on the MBP. It loaded in every instance. Completing the form was noticeably faster. And all links in the form loaded as they should. (Not including dead links, of course)

Has this been anyone else's experience? If so, could you post your experiences with the two platforms and how they handle Rafflecopter? I would really appreciate it!

*My experiences trying to do any sweeping, rc or otherwise, on my iPad hasn't been very good. Rafflecopter takes forever to load - like start it, go eat dinner and comeback before it loads, (Okay, it's not that bad, but you get the idea.). It takes too long to complete the forms. The auto-correct can be a real pain. (MacOS X 10.7.x has auto-correct. It, too, is a pain.), when you are filling out the forms.

I wouldn't even try to enter with either iPod Touches. The screens are just too small. (Although the Retina display is outstanding.) Just about the only thing I use iPod Touches for is playing Tetris and as a flashlight... LOL

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