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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ah...... Frustrating!

I just discovered that Google Friend Connect has a follow limit of 300 blogs.

After 300, you can sign up; but you aren't a blog follower...

I hit 300 the other night, (on a long rc entry form), and had to leave about half of the entries undone because I had hit my limit.

In the Blogger Dashboard there is a way to 'manage,' (i.e.; remove the blogs), you no longer want to follow. I've used it before, it worked fine.

However, for the last three or four days every time I try to 'manage' my GFCs, it comes back with an error message and I can't get into delete the ones I no longer want to follow...

Drives me nuts... LOL (Which, as many people know, is not a long drive.)

Of course, I am not a Blogger expert, (even though my blogs are on Blogger), so I could be wrong...

If I am wrong and there is another way to do this, would someone pppllleeeaaassseee let me know? I'll do a promo piece in my blog for you, if you can help me....

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  1. I didn't even know that they had a limit! That's ridiculous. I thought they had done away with the limit a while back. :(

    Thank you for commenting on my blog post story today. I really appreciate that! I know you usually just enter giveaways, so it meant a lot. :)