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Friday, December 30, 2011

#Five Question Friday

1. What's the oldest piece of clothing in your closet?

The oldest thing I can think of is a pair of Tony Lama cowboy boots that I received for my high school graduation - - in 1975. I still wear them.
You might find boots cheaper than Tony Lama, but you won't find them better...
2. How many random blog readers have you met?
3. Do you let your kids stay up till midnight on New Years Eve? (Or, if you don't have kiddos yet, did you get to stay up until midnight as a child?)
No kids. The dogs bag out by 21:00. I bag out by 23:00. My friends call from Arizona at midnight. 
My parents used to have big parties on NYE when I was growing up. I wasn't interested. I went to bed by 22:00…
I grew up on a 'farm'. Farm work is no respecter of holidays. You always have to go to work the next day, no matter what…
4. What are the gas prices where you live?
$3.06/gallon? It is hard to equate gas prices where I live with anyplace else. Where I live is very isolated, so everything usually costs about 10% more than it does in town.
Diesel dropped $0.31/gallon in twenty four hours the other day and is now running less than $4/gallon for the first time in a year. I thought it was a little surprising that it could fall that fast.
5. What is one resolution that you know you should do but are too afraid to try?
I try not to be make resolutions. Saves time. I don't have to feel bad when I don't follow through… LOL

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