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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Delivery Woes

When I first started sweeping, I replied to a blog posting asking what was your  biggest complaint about sweeping (or a question somewhat similar)
My reply then was shipping.
It still is.
I live in a very small town - 500 people, 70 miles – over the continental divide – to the nearest town with a UPS/FEDEX store. The USPS doesn’t deliver mail to street addresses here; we all have to go to the post office to get our mail.
Because we don’t get mail delivered to our street addresses, when my street address is entered into a UPS/FEDEX shipping form, it comes back as being invalid. Somehow, despite this, most of the time, UPS/FEDEX gets delivered to my house.
Fortunately, I have a personal relationship with the UPS guy up here, (I slipped on some ice, hit my head and had a big laceration on it just as he was delivering a package when I first moved to my current address. He had to call an ambulance for me. Sort of a bonding experience.). So, I have had UPS deliver packages to me with a variety of addresses, including one addressed to my PO Box and another that had my name on it; my sister’s address, (3 hours away); and my zip code. The benefits of having a friend who works for UPS!
I don’t receive packages shipped by FEDEX as often as I do via UPS, and we don’t get the same FEDEX delivery person everyday here. So, I don’t have a personal relationship with the FEDEX delivery person. I am not hurting myself to get to know them better, either… LOL
Lately, I have been having an interesting delivery problem with FEDEX. A sponsor shipped a prize, transposing one digit of the zip code. It went to the local National Guard base. Then the sponsor re-sent it to the correct address and FEDEX returned it as undeliverable.
FEDEX said it might not have been delivered because of the 4 feet of snow we had last week. However, FEDEX delivered a package to the same address the sponsor shipped my prize to - in the middle of the snowstorm.  So that pretty much rules that out.
Today, I sent and the sponsor the address, again; a photo of the shipping label from the package I received Friday; and the address of the local hardware store  where they could also ship it to. 
We shall see what happens.
Ever had delivery problems like these?

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